Uveal Melanoma Registry (OMNI)

Gathering data to improve clinical practice for uveal melanoma

Uveal melanoma is a rare and aggressive form of ocular melanoma for which there is currently no accepted management or treatment. Uveal melanoma is clinically and biologically different from the more common skin melanoma.

The Uveal Melanoma Registry is currently gathering patient data from sites around Australia, UK and in the USA to identify predictive clinical features, document the natural history of uveal melanoma, and collect real world data regarding its clinical management.

Work is underway to expand the registry, with additional sites planned for Australia and the USA, as well as sites in Germany and Canada.

The registry will help to inform best-practice and improve patient outcomes. It will generate clinical and biomarker data that can be used to support drug development and pricing reimbursement. Patients can also provide direct feedback, offering a holistic view of the impact of uveal melanoma and its treatments.

The Australian arm of the Uveal Melanoma Registry was established by Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials, the Australian Ocular Melanoma Alliance and Pulse Infoframe, together with Dr Richard Carvajal (Columbia University) and Dr Jo Sacco (Liverpool Hospital).

Trial resources

  • Australian Ocular Melanoma Alliance (AOMA) website
  • AOMA Summit 2022 information and videos

Australian Uveal Melanoma Registry team

  • Prof Anthony Joshua – Coordinating Principal Investigator (PI), Lead Investigator – Australia, PI – St Vincent’s Hospital, VIC
  • Dr John McKenzie – PI – Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, VIC
  • Dr Max Conway – PI – Conway Private Rooms, NSW
  • Dr Michael Giblin – PI – Chatswood Eye Specialists, NSW
  • Dr Timothy Isaacs – PI – Perth Retina, WA
  • Dr David Sia – PI – Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA

Trial sites currently recruiting patients

New South Wales

St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney
Email: SVHS.CancerResearch@svha.org.au | Phone: 02 9355 5611
Chatswood Eye Specialists, Sydney
Email: office@chatswoodeye.com | Phone: 02 9411 5000
Dr Conway Private Rooms, Sydney
Email: reception.drconway@gmail.com | Phone: 02 9221 2229

South Australia

Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide
Email: uvealregistry@masc.org.au

Pennington Eye Clinic, Adelaide
Email: info@penningtoneyeclinic.com | Phone: 08 8267 1700

Adelaide Eye and Retina Centre, Adelaide
Email: admin@adelaideeye.com.au | Phone: 08 8212 3022


Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, Melbourne
Recruitment to open soon

Western Australia

Perth Retina, Perth
Email: reception@perthretina.com.au | Phone: 08 9381 5911

Contact and more information

Uveal Melanoma Registry news and patient stories

For more information on the Uveal Melanoma Registry, email uvealregistry@masc.org.au

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