First global patient registry for Uveal melanoma preparing to open in Australia

Research into uveal melanoma will soon be bolstered, with MASC Trials on track to the open the Australian arm of the first global patient registry for the disease. 

Uveal melanoma is a rare and aggressive form of melanoma affecting the eye of which there is currently no accepted management or treatment.

The Uveal Melanoma Registry aims to change that by gathering patient data from sites throughout Australia, Europe and the US. The registry is a crucial platform to identify predictive clinical features, document the natural history of uveal melanoma and collect real world data regarding its clinical management.

The collaborative effort of capturing the complete course of this disease, from diagnosis, initial management, surveillance, and treatment of recurrent disease in an international setting will be used to support the development of novel therapies for this disease.

With no multi-centre natural history studies being conducted in this disease, the registry will be vital in informing best-practice and improving patient outcomes. It will also generate clinical and biomarker data that can be used to support drug development and pricing reimbursement and supplement direct feedback from patients to provide a holistic view of the impact of uveal melanoma and its treatments.

The Uveal Melanoma Registry: A Prospective Natural History Study in Uveal Melanoma,  is an initiative of leading data aggregation and analytics company, Pulse Infoframe.

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