Participate in a clinical trial

Ask your doctor first

The hospitals and clinics that conduct our melanoma and skin cancer trials manage enrolment of patients.

To participate in a clinical trial, your doctor needs to find a suitable trial in your area. Your doctor will then provide you with a referral letter for the trial.

MASC Trials cannot enrol patients into a trial.

Our role is to bring together health professionals and to coordinate their work across our numerous melanoma and skin cancer trial sites located at hospitals and clinics throughout Australia and overseas.

Find a suitable trial

Your doctor is the first person to ask about relevant clinical trials for your condition that you can access in your area. You can also proactively search for a clinical trial using the ClinTrial Refer app or website, or by searching the MASC Trials website.

ClinTrial Refer

ClinTrial Refer is a mobile app and website platform that shows detailed information about all the clinical trials coordinated by MASC Trials and other organisations. ClinTrial Refer is available to patients and their families, and clinicians.

Download the ClinTrial Refer app for free through the Apple App Store or Google Play on your smartphone or tablet. By using the QR code below, you will be taken directly to the available trials coordinated by MASC Trials on the app, or to the relevant app store to download the app if you don’t have it installed.

MASC Trials website

You can also search for melanoma and skin cancer clinical trials that MASC Trials coordinates on our recruiting trials website page. If you think you may be eligible for one of our trials, click on the trial’s Registration ID. This link will provide you with detailed information about the trial and the eligibility criteria. You can then discuss this trial with your doctor to see if it is suitable for you.

Helpful resources
A world-wide database of clinical trials. Use the advanced search function to locate trials for your condition and country.    

The Australia and New Zealand Clinical Trials Register
Use the advanced search function to locate trials for your condition and country.

Melanoma Patients Australia Telehealth Nurse 
Phone 1300 88 44 50 or email Brooke Kelly, an oncology registered nurse who supports patients in navigating the health system, accessing available services, and making decisions regarding their health.

Melanoma Patients Australia
An independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and representing those affected by melanoma.

Ocular Melanoma Nurse
For telehealth or face-to-face support for ocular melanoma patients, view information about the Ocular Melanoma Nurse on the AOMA website.