What We Do

MASC Trials brings together a powerful network of over 2,250 professionals who represent the many disciplines critical to our work – oncologists, surgeons, radiation specialists, nurses, allied health professionals, health economists, statisticians, research scientists, clinical research associates, data managers, patient advocates and others.

With expert support from our Advisories and our trials staff, MASC Trials leads and designs research and clinical trial development, and provides project management for multicentre, national and international collaborations.

Our Services

The MASC Trials team can offer expertise and support across:

  • New idea generation and protocol development;
  • Research and clinical trial budget preparation;
  • Peer review via the MASC Trials Scientific Advisory Committee and Discipline-Specific Advisories;
  • Feasibility evaluation across the MASC Trials membership;
  • Biostatistical and statistical modelling;
  • Health economic modelling;
  • Quality of Life and patient report outcome modelling;
  • Consumer and patient advocacy engagement;
  • Grant writing through to application submission;
  • Endorsement of research studies and clinical trials;
  • Access to our network to encourage participation in endorsed clinical trials; and
  • Research and clinical trial education, and mentoring opportunities.

Whilst MASC Trials does not directly fund research, we support researchers in seeking funding across government, industry, and other competitive funding bodies, and the philanthropic sector.

Endorsement of research projects and clinical trial protocols by MASC Trials provides a prestigious badge of quality and has been a key factor in our past successes in competitive grant applications, approval through ethics committees, and clinical trial participation by investigators and sites worldwide.

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