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A rare and often lethal form of melanoma

While most people know of skin melanoma, ocular melanoma, also known as uveal melanoma, is a rare and aggressive form of melanoma that occurs in the eye. Around 200 Australians are diagnosed with this eye cancer each year. Many ocular melanoma cases are initially detected during a routine eye test at an optometrist or ophthalmologist. 

Ocular melanoma is difficult to diagnose and is often lethal, with 25% of patients requiring removal of the affected eye and 50% of patients developing metastatic melanoma. 

Give to support ocular melanoma research

Currently there are few accepted treatments or management guidelines for ocular melanoma, which is why our clinical research and the work of our special interest group, the Australasian Ocular Melanoma Alliance (AOMA), is so important.

More clinical research is desperately needed to gain a better understanding of this deadly cancer, and to develop improved treatments for patients affected by ocular melanoma.

It was incredible to learn that a group of Australian experts were working on treatments and management options for uveal melanoma. It was an exciting prospect and gave me hope for the future.”
Organisations like AOMA, whose Summit I had the privilege of speaking at, have been a game changer for giving people assurance and hope that treatments are out there.”

Your donation will help patient-centred research

Alongside the work of AOMA, our Uveal Melanoma Registry is gathering real-world patient data to identify predictive clinical features to support earlier diagnosis and to improve patient care. With only 200 Australians diagnosed with uveal melanoma each year, it’s vital to capture as much patient data as possible for this rare cancer.

The registry is also collecting data to support drug development so that better treatments for uveal melanoma can be found. Importantly, patients can provide direct feedback to the registry, offering a holistic view of the impact of uveal melanoma and its treatments on their quality of life.

Support ocular melanoma research and make a difference

Your tax-deductible donation will directly support our ocular melanoma clinical research. You will be helping our world-leading researchers to improve ocular melanoma outcomes, and to study innovative treatments. You will be supporting clinical trials that improve the success of immunotherapy and help patients to retain vision.

You can see the outcomes of our work by viewing the AOMA Virtual Summit videos. The AOMA Virtual Summit is held annually in June or July, and covers the latest advances in ocular melanoma research and therapies alongside presentations from ocular melanoma patients. View the AOMA Summit videos.

Most importantly, your donation will make a fundamental difference to the lives of ocular melanoma patients across Australia and New Zealand.


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