Our Team

BAppSc PGDip GradCert RN MHA
Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Cheryl-Ann Hawkins

Cheryl-Ann brings decades of clinical trials know-how and a proven track record of developing and managing successful and productive teams in this sector. Her 30-year career spans various leadership oncology nursing roles with a focus on early phase/first in human drug trials. Cheryl-Ann is committed to the implementation of innovative approaches of clinical trial delivery to ensure cancer patients have a choice of world-class treatments.

BSc(Biochem) MBioMedSci
Research Manager

Headshot of Gabrielle Byars Clinical Research Associate at Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials

Gabrielle brings 13 years cross-industry management experience in US- and Australian-led, multi-centre clinical studies and early phase investigator-initiated research in diabetes (device) and gastroenterology (vaccine). She has a biomedical background and notable success in technical projects with a variety of university and industry stakeholders in the biotechnology and medical technology industries. Gabrielle is passionate about research that improves patient treatment options and outcomes.

Sanja Coso

BBiomedSci (Hons), PhD
Research Development Manager

Sanja Coso, Research Development Manager

Sanja obtained a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at Monash University, followed by postdoctoral studies focusing on tumour and vascular biology (Switzerland). Prior to joining MASC Trials, Sanja was based in the United States where she coordinated major program grants. Sanja has extensive experience as a research development scientific and grant writer in basic, translational and clinical research.

BSc, GradDip (Computing Studies)
Clinical Data Manager

Simon has over 15 years’ experience working as a data manager in dermatology and skin diseases. With a background in research and data analysis in a healthcare setting, he brings an analytical and scientific approach to the position. He is passionate about the role that data analysis and clinical investigations can have in providing valuable insights into disease processes, treatment opportunities and advances in patient outcomes and quality of life.

BSc (Physiotherapy)
Administrative Assistant

Headshot of Ayeshini Sella Hewage

Ayeshini has over 3 years’ experience in patient care and health administration. Ayeshini holds a BSc (Physiotherapy) from Sri Lanka and is currently studying for her Master of Public Health. Prior to joining MASC Trials, Ayeshini worked as a Physiotherapist in Sri Lanka and as a Surveillance Officer in the COVID-19 Response Team at DHHS. Ayeshini is passionate about clinical trials and public health interventions that promote population health and wellbeing.

MSc (Human Biology)
Clinical Research Associate

A headshot of Katja Loewe

Katja holds a MSc in Human Biology (Germany). She has extensive knowledge of ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements, complemented by recent project management experience, supporting a large, national, investigator-initiated clinical trial. With an analytical approach and a track record of stakeholder management, Katja is keen to assist clinicians realise their projects and accomplish their trial goals and thus contribute to high-quality research and improved outcomes for patients.

CertIVBusAdmin DipAcc
Senior Office Administrator

Headshot of Elizabeth Sadowy Senior Administration Officer at Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials

With over 15 years of administrative experience, Liz’s career commenced in hospital pharmacy, before transitioning to finance in the private sector. With a passion for health and community service, Liz returned to executive administration within a hospital setting, working in Radiation Oncology and then Emergency Services, before her appointment with MASC Trials. Highly skilled and motivated, Liz is always keen to take on new challenges.

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Headshot of Tiiu Sildva

Tiiu is a Registered Nurse with a Master of Public Health from Deakin University and extensive experience in both frontline clinical care and medical research in Australia, UK, and Canada. In recent years Tiiu has supported translational, genetic epidemiology and oncology studies at the University of Cambridge aligning her interests in chronic disease prevention and patient advocacy on a global scale. Tiiu believes that clinical trials are fundamental to improving patient outcomes.

BEd(Sec)Sci PhD
Research Consultant

Marina Skiba, Research Manager

Marina has dedicated her career to clinical research and brings 30 years of experience in early and late phase interventional studies and mechanistic trials, community-based trials and observational research. She has expertise in research governance, ethics, protocol development, project co-ordination and management of investigator-initiated clinical trials. Marina is passionate about supporting investigators to realise their research dreams.

BSc(Hons) MS MPH PhD
Senior Clinical Data Manager

Headshot of Sandra Vargas Clinical Data Manager at Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials

Sandra holds a BSc (Biology) from Colombia and completed her MSc and PhD in Brazil, where she worked in basic research in cervical cancer. Driven by a strong interest in and belief in the power of clinical trials, Sandra completed a Master of Public Health at Monash University. Sandra worked in health economics research, data analysis and in the pharmaceutical industry before joining MASC Trials.

BDS (Dentistry)
Clinical Data Manager

Daniel holds a BDS in Dentistry (Colombia), a Diploma of Project Management, and he is currently undertaking a Master of Public Health. He has clinical and data management skills and experience in oncology studies and the dentistry field. Daniel enjoys the different challenges within his role, and focussing on the importance of clinical trials for the development of new therapies and interventions.

BBusComm (PR) GradDipBusMgmt
Marketing and Communications Manager

Merrin has worked in marketing communications for over 20 years, many of which have been in the medical research and higher education sectors. Before joining MASC Trials she supported brain researchers with their communications activities. Merrin enjoys the challenge of communicating complex scientific concepts to the public and assisting those involved in research to share their findings with diverse audiences.