Dr Sandra Vargas

Research Manager

As a child, Sandra was an observer, creator, problem-solver and out-of-the-box thinker; traits that led her to pursue a successful career in science, spanning three countries and four degrees.

“I’m naturally inquisitive, so science was the perfect pathway for me. As astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says, science is true whether you believe it or not – a message that’s so pertinent in these times,” Sandra said.

In addition to her impressive academic accolades, including a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, PhD and a Master of Public Health, Sandra is also one of our most well-travelled team members.

“Working in both Brazil and Australia, navigating different languages and cultures, has helped me develop an open perspective to life. This open-mindedness has also informed my approach to work and collaboration with colleagues around the world,” she added.

Central to Sandra’s career is a strong interest and belief in the power of clinical trials.

“Without clinical trials, we wouldn’t have the vast array of treatments available for cancer patients that we have today, nor in the future.”

Sandra Vargas, Senior Clinical Data Manager

Sandra joined MASC Trials in August 2020 and within a year was promoted to Senior Clinical Data Manager. She was then promoted to Research Manager in early 2022.

“I really enjoy the fact that I can learn and apply my skills in being an essential part of different trials and be in contact with sites around the globe,” she said.

As Research Manager, Sandra oversees the group’s clinical trials. She trains and supervises our growing team of Clinical Data Managers and Clinical Research Associates, checks all participants and sites are on track, and verifies all trial data.

In both Colombia and Brazil, Sandra volunteered with the Red Cross and has continued her interest in humanitarian work as an Emergency Services Volunteer with the Australian Red Cross chapter.

When she isn’t working (or volunteering), Sandra enjoys an active lifestyle — hiking, swimming, tennis and more — as well as a good coffee, book or puzzle.