Protecting volunteers working in flood and fire zones

Devastating floods continue to decimate towns and livelihoods across the east coast of Australia, meaning BlazeAid volunteers are in high demand to help regional communities rebuild fences and other structures. To help volunteers minimise their exposure to dangerous UV levels while working outdoors for long periods, a series of short videos, launched today, deliver important messages about protecting our skin from the harsh Australian sun.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials has partnered with the Melanoma & Skin Cancer Advocacy Network (MSCAN) and BlazeAid to develop the videos which are targeted to farmers, regional communities and volunteers working with BlazeAid to ensure they protect their skin while involved in frontline disaster response work.

The engaging videos will be shared via social media over December and include important messages for the whole community about sun protection.

“Given the nature of their work, outdoor workers are particularly exposed to high UV levels and can receive up to 10 times more sun exposure than indoor workers. The dangerous UV levels in many regions across Australia mean that sun protection is required for most of the day throughout most months of the year,” said Professor Victoria Mar, Dermatologist and Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials researcher and Board Member.

“MSCAN is excited to be launching this fabulous campaign for the start of summer. These short, simple videos cleverly bring together the clinical and research experts with skin cancer advocates and the BlazeAid team to deliver a vital message. Together we are on a mission to reduce the burden of skin cancer in Australia,” said Tamara Dawson, Founder of MSCAN.

“BlazeAid volunteers are committing their time and energy to take on this critical disaster response work and we want to ensure they are sun and UV safe. It is so important that we all minimise the risks associated with exposure to the fierce Australian sun. This is also a great opportunity to educate the broader community on the importance of sun protection,” said Kevin Butler, BlazeAid Founder.