May Lin Yap

Clinical Research Associate

A headshot of Clinical Research Associate May Lin Yap

May Lin has long held a fascination with the field of medical technology and innovation. After graduating from the prestigious King’s College London with a Masters in Medical Imaging Sciences, she went on to complete a PhD on medical imaging, focussing on oncology. These studies further ignited May Lin’s passion for the life-saving applications of cutting-edge technology that drives her today. 

Following a career as a postdoctoral researcher at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, May Lin turned her attention to the world of clinical trials, to learn and see first-hand how basic science develops into clinical research and its impact on patient care. 

May Lin joined the Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials team in 2020. As a Clinical Research Associate, she works closely with investigators, supporting clinical trials from conception through to completion. This involves a wide and ever-changing range of tasks, including developing trial protocols, applying for research grants, engaging with trial sites, and ensuring efficient running of the trial, right up until trial data analysis.

May Lin is driven by a desire to evolve practice and change the lives of cancer patients; particularly as her trials focus on rare and lesser-known forms of melanoma and skin cancer, such as Merkel cell carcinoma and Uveal melanoma that often have less research funding and activity. 

When not at work, the avid foodie can often be found in Melbourne’s restaurants and cafés or baking up a (chocolate) storm.

May Lin works on the I-MAT and GoTHAM trials in Merkel cell Carcinoma and the Uveal Melanoma Registry – all investigating rare cancers where clinical trials and registry data can make an important impact on new treatments and diagnosis.