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About Us

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials Limited (MASC Trials) is the bi-national (Australian and New Zealand) cancer collaborative group specialising in investigator-initiated melanoma and skin cancer research, supported by the Australian government via Cancer Australia. MASC Trials was formerly called the Australia and New Zealand Melanoma Trials Group (MASC).

We specialise in the developing, undertaking and publishing of practice-changing investigatorinitiated melanoma and skin cancer research. MASC Trials is one of the fourteen nationally recognized multi-site Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Groups (CCTGs) in Australia.

The group was first established in 1999 as an unincorporated national research network to boost academic melanoma research across Australia. The groupsā€˜ membership, research trial activity and collaborations have expanded year on year since establishment.

We have a membership network consisting of more than 1,600 clinical researchers representing institutions across 32 countries. MASC Trials has a large number of projects underway, and has partnered with more than 100 hospitals and 15 countries and has recruited more than 3,500 patients to trials since 2008

The MASC Trials Board of Directors, formerly MASC executive committee, comprises 10 volunteers from all relevant specialist disciplines representing geographically distinct leading melanoma and skin cancer institutions across Australia and New Zealand, including patient advocates.

MASC Trials has established a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), supported by 7 Discipline Specific-Advisories (DSAs) to oversee the research portfolio. 70+ members actively participate in these committee frameworks. The SAC meetings are held at least bi-annually to govern the research portfolio whilst the DSAs meet more frequently throughout the year to generate new ideas and oversee the portfolio. The SAC makes recommendations regarding the research portfolio for the Board of Directors to determine.

MASC Trials has established a recent academic affiliation with Monash University, Melbourne. MASC Trials and Monash University have established a dedicated department called the MASC Trials Research Centre that will support our research activities

MASC Membership is open to consumers, researchers, health professionals and industry representatives from Australia and New Zealand. Membership is also available to international researchers and health professionals.

Member Overview (downloadable PDF)